About Us / How We Work

Our creative process is simple, but it packs a punch. It’s all about collaboration, creativity and being clear on what is delivered and when. Our aim is simple – that working with us is a joyful process from start to finish.



The discovery phase is where we find out all about your business and really understand what we can do for you in the space to achieve the best result. This is the backbone of the entire project and will ensure that the final design has your vision at its core. Here we look at:

design proposal

Design Proposal

This is where we hope you’ll get really excited. Before we move to full design, we give you a sneak peek of the pathway we’re going down to make sure you are happy with it. Steps in this phase include:



This is where we share the proposed design with you, so you can really start to imagine how your space will look. The stages here are:



As the saying goes – a goal without a plan is just a wish. We make sure every detail has been considered and we have everything in place before we come onsite. Essential steps include:


The design comes to life, transforming your space into somewhere your team and your customers will love. It’s where the magic happens. So, depending on the design, we might be:

And there you have it, a joyful journey from your vision to an amazing space you can be proud of.