About Us / Who We Are

Wireless 2014

Soulful Creative is all about the collaboration of designer and client, talent and vision.

We started out as a gallery promoting graffiti and street art, and the business has evolved to where we are now – a design studio comprised of a diverse and talented team of brand experts, graphic designers and artists. We are all dedicated to producing work that thrills our clients and makes them proud of their environment.

With a wealth of experience and skills among us, together with an abundance of passion, we are able to offer every client something unique and outstanding. Each project is different and this is reflected in the techniques we use; from hand-painted to printed graphics, art installations to glass manifestations. The result: spaces and brand engagement projects that excite, inspire and represent our clients’ vision in a distinct and creative way.

Witnessing the transformation of your space is an exciting time for a client, and with our years and range of expertise we strive to also make it a really enjoyable experience. This is something that in turn is often fed back to us.

‘Not only are Soulful experts at transforming a space into an inspiring and enlivening environment, they are a pleasure to work with. Full of energy and ideas, we can involve them at any stage of a project and know that the job will flow without a hiccup. They have become a creative partner to us and we’re already looking forward to our next project.’

Jimmy Greenwood – Art Director, Sadler Greenwood

So, if you’d like to have a chat with us about creating a little Soulful magic for your business, just pick up the phone and give us a call.