Office Wellbeing

Office Wellbeing

More than ever, our workplaces need to be injecting strong visual communication, be it on-brand or decorative ways to positively enhance the office environment. With the post Covid-19 return to the ’new normal’ happening, it’s will be important for companies to invest in their employee’s wellbeing during and after this stressful transition period.

At times like this, it is easy to forget that art and graphics, mixed with a splash of creativity and vision, can not only help individualise and contextualise a workspace, it can also increase employee’s feeling of value, enhance productivity and improve individual and collective wellbeing.

So there’s no better time to make those positive changes to your workplace and help improve employee wellbeing. Be it the design and installation of creative signage, inspirational murals, feature walls, engaging glass manifestation or the introduction of new spaces and zones.

The following services will help deliver positive visual and physical changes you may need to your office space.

‘If you enrich a space people feel much happier and work better; a very good way of doing this is by using art & graphics.’
Dr Craig Knight, Exeter University’s School of Psychology


In any formulaic building, art and graphics can be useful for way-finding, whether it prompts occupants to remember the manifestations in a particular corridor or a wow-factor piece on a certain floor. Be it painted, vinyl, printed or fabricated, well designed signage and way-finding solutions can really make a big difference not only to an office’s navigation, but the also look and personality too.

Murals & Feature Walls

The introduction of murals and feature walls into the office space, has many advantages, they can help communicate a company message or brand in a creative way, inject much needed colour and personality and help define a zone within the office.

Murals can be typographical, illustrative, photorealistic or graphical, they can be hand painted or digitally printed as vinyl or wallpapers. With so many design possibilities and installation choices, the options are endless.

Glass Manifestation

Today’s offices have an abundance of glass within them, H&S law requires glass manifestation to be on all these areas, so why not make use of this valuable space in a more creative way. With clever design and installation, glass manifestation can be used to help zone office areas more effectively, bring nature, colour, key messaging and brand communication into the office environment.

Interior Design

The layout and the overall use of the office has changed considerably in recent years, with ‘new normal’ Covid-19 times introducing rapid office environmental changes to ensure our employee’s health and wellbeing is at the forefront of any company’s plans. Creating the correct mix of functionality and safety will be a challenge. If you need help with office space planning to meet these new needs, along with interior design to ensure the office is aesthetically pleasing, give us a shout.

So why not contact us, to find out how we can help you improve your office environment and employee wellbeing.