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In both the health and education sectors, design is often about improving the space for people already using those environments.

In the health sector, within hospitals or hospices for example, this will often be about making the environment more welcoming and helping reduce stress and anxiety for patients and visitors. The therapeutic benefits of art in a clinical setting are well documented – and can help provide distraction, a sense of place and connection during long periods of treatment, as well as the basics of signposting you to the right place.

In children’s healthcare settings in particular, a welcoming design can also make a hospital or hospice feel like a safer environment, at a time where everything happening can be pretty scary. This was certainly the case when we transformed the reception area in Rainbow’s Hospice into a colourful rainforest, with a yellow brick path leading children and their families from the reception desk and then beyond.

The education projects we have undertaken have had a variety of different objectives. From crafting a mural to inspire the Olympians and Paralympians elite athletes who train in the performance gym at Bath University Sports Training Centre, to creating a huge painting at Thomas Gamuel Primary School in Walthamstow to bring a feeling of space, light and nature into an inner city playground.

We have also worked with schools to incorporate educational elements into the work we do. This has included interactive murals and playground graphics designed for South Harringay infant school, which the teachers use to teach numeracy outside in a fun environment.

This kind of work really brings home to us at Soulful Creative the part art can play in improving the experience for people in a therapeutic or educational space, and we find that really inspirational. So, if you would like to chat about how we can help you to achieve your objectives using design then please call us to get our creative juices flowing!