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Bar & Restaurant Interior Design London

Dining out at a restaurant, or meeting friends at a bar or club is about so much more than just the food and drink. Customers are looking for an experience – and the atmosphere of the venue contributes hugely to this.

Soulful creates unique and distinctive environments to wow customers, bring to life the story of the bar or restaurant and distinguish it from the competition. We’ve had the pleasure of working with big names such as Wahaca, as well as much smaller, but equally special venues such as the Old Bookshop in Bristol and Food in Worthing.

By combining a range of techniques including large scale hand-painted murals, printed graphics and bespoke signage, amongst others, we’re able to create something truly unique for each client we work with. Often, we use design to establish distinct areas within a venue – for example creating a more vibrant lively atmosphere in the bar and perhaps a more sophisticated ambiance in the eating areas in a restaurant.

And, we don’t just stop inside the venue – we also create bespoke murals and signage for the outside, making your venue stand out from the crowd.

Feedback from our clients includes that in addition to attracting new clientele, customers are staying longer, spending more, returning more often and taking photos/videos that they share on social media, so helping others ‘discover’ the venue.

‘The hospitality market over the past few years has become one of the most competitive industries in the world and creating amazing provocative spaces are essential in the dining market. Soulful Creative quickly understood who we were, and where we wanted to be. Their unique perception and design took us further than we could have envisaged. Soulful Creative is now a powerful partner that gives us real muscle in driving our business forwards.’

Andy Sparsis – Owner, The Proto Restaurant Group