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‘To keep Food restaurant at the front edge of the Sussex dining market we sought out Soulful. We worked with their team to deliver our vision along with their creative guidance. We feel we created a unique complex dining and drinking environment that could allow customers different experiences on multiple visits.

Since the relaunch customers hang time has dramatically increased. This change has obviously increased our customer spend and turnover. Some customers have also started using us their backdrop for their Facebook page and a photographic and tagged lifestyle declaration. In a market of fast moving trends and short loyalty periods from diners we feel we have secured our place in the sector for many years.’

Andy Sparsis, Owner, The Proto Restaurant Group

Food Restaurant

The Brief /
To revitalize the restaurant’s appeal in response to the trend for more casual but unique fine dining experiences. Food wanted to reduce the formal seating area and create more of a bar environment to appeal to the dinner and cocktail crowd, encouraging longer visits. The design needed to be provocative and have a unique look and feel that was different to current competitor trends. Victorian design and graffiti were key influences.
Our Solution /
We created 3 internal hand painted feature walls that are a mix of abstract graffiti with flock Victorian patterns. Each has its own identity but uses the same rich, elegant colour palette, delivering the energy of graffiti but in a sophisticated way. Neon sign & illuminated printed acrylic ceiling panels add to the feel. The mural on the façade creates a talking point & a glimpse of what’s inside. Since re-launch both visits and spend have grown significantly.