Hospitality / Virgin Red AO Arena Box

Virgin Red AO Arena Box

The Brief /

Virgin Red is a subsidiary of the Virgin brand we know and love.  Virgin Red is a rewards club that gives points for earning to use on all sorts of fun things and experiences for their customers and clients so it makes sense for their hospitality box situated in the AO Manchester Arena to reflect the very same fun interactive vibe.

Approached with transforming the Virgin Red hospitality box creating a premium, fully immersive eye-catching space that oozes all things Virgin, we were asked to capture the spirit of the brand.

Our Solution /

This was such a fun project!  

Visually impactful, your eyes fall on so many elements. Every single one of them a symbol of the brand itself.

Although the initial impact is visually stimulating with every space a great backdrop for photos; this project was created from the ground up, we gutted out the box down to its foundations and designed everything from the flooring, the seats, the restroom and the walls to give the Virgin members that Virgin Red experience from the outset and throughout. 

We designed and commissioned the disco shimmer wall with the Virgin Branding that added depth by layering the wall with a 3D Virgin Red logo.  

Bespoke red shelving finished with some wonderful pieces from various Virgin products to provide a fun, historic element in a very contemporary way that reminds you of the brand’s rich legacy.

Seating was another bespoke design element that needed to ensure comfort, style and luxury.  The red buttons featured throughout another design element that nods to the brand.

The restroom was also given the Virgin touch with black walls and furnishing detail as a juxtaposition from the red in the main hospitality space.  

Lighting was cleverly used throughout all areas of the hospitality box to highlight feature areas.  We replicated the brand logo in the ceiling lights.  Underlighting on shelving, bar and the seating areas were used to allow members to see during show time without distracting from the main event.

Soulful Creative are known for murals, graphics and glass manifestations but this project allowed us to put our soulful touch on all aspects of the space from the interior design, fitout and furniture to make the Virgin Red brand shine!