Workplace / Contiki Basement

‘We were looking to add some colour and soul to one of our projects, something that would have a lot of impact and bring that handmade feel. Soulful were the first people we turned to and we were not disappointed. They bring the talent and they deliver. It was a pleasure to work with them.’

Jordan Littler – Interior Designer, Project Contiki Basement

The Brief /

Global travel experience company Contiki, wanted to revitalise the interior of their London traveller’s hub, as it was lacking character and identity and had no real connection to their brand values.

Our Solution /

Working with talented interior designer Jordan Littler, we designed and created branded feature artwork and graphics for key areas within the space, which brought a vibrant brand synergy to the overall environment. 

The bespoke artwork was created using a wide range of techniques including CNC cut wooden letters, hand-painted graphics, graffiti art and hand drawn illustrations that combine to produce a fun, welcoming environment for travellers passing through.