Workplace / DAS UK Bristol

DAS UK Bristol

The Brief /

Situated in Bristol, DAS UK is a law and insurance firm. We were tasked with creating two modern energetic areas for the DAS team.

The first would spark inspiration, creativity that allows the team to collaborate and bounce ideas around with each other.  With innovation as the theme, it’ll be called the Innovation Lab.

The second space is a multi-functional breakout area for the team to utilise in a variety of ways- the theme; well Bristol of course!

Our Solution /
The innovation Lab

We created bold eye-catching detail with hand-painted and hand-drawn mural walls where we played with colour ‘outside the box’ and used a plethora of inspirational anecdotes, characters, icons and inspirational words that flowed seamlessly from wall to wall to help get the DAS UK team’s ideas flowing to help them think differently towards new innovative ideas.

We wanted to energise the team, and introduced warm shades of orange to evoke enthusiasm and creativity and used blue to depict inspiration.  The intentional white space, inside the hand-painted and hand-drawn line drawings was done to symbolise the new fresh ideas that would be born in the hub.

The Bristol Breakout Area

Bristol is a cultural hub so a graffiti wall is perfect as a focal point to feature in this area.  We created fun engaging monochromatic hand-drawn illustrations that featured Bristol landmarks, Brunel, Clifton bridge as well as Wallace and Gromit with bold accents of orange and blue that really popped against the white background.  This, paired with tiered seating in the same pops of colour and window seating makes this a great spot for chilling out, group meetings and work social events.

We are very happy with the finished product and more importantly, so was the client!  They gave us a clear brief and free reign in design and its clear this way of working has great results.