Workplace / Parkopedia 2019

‘The Soulful team produced fantastic results in our old office back in 2016. When we moved into a bigger space in July, it was a no-brainer that we would be knocking on their door again! We had a really good chat about the look and feel and then left Soulful Creative to work their magic….and wow….we were blown away by the results!

The use of plywood throughout was a great idea and the different themes for each part of the office has made the space really come alive! A particular favourite is the company timeline….a really original way of representing our story to date’

Christina Martinez MBA MCIM – Head of Global Operations & Customer Service, Parkopedia

Parkopedia 2019

The Brief /

Parkopedia is the world’s leading parking service provider with an app and website that help millions of drivers find parking spaces in 89 countries throughout the world.

Soulful Creative initially transformed Parkopedia’s London offices in 2016, and due to company expansion and a move to bigger premises earlier this year, they asked us to work some Soulful magic on the new offices.

They wanted a different look and feel for the new premises that helped illustrate the company’s evolution and would bring the brand and company story to life.

As the company experiences continued growth, we are already in talks to consider how we will translate and develop our existing designs to a new even bigger office when the time comes!

Our Solution /

We used a variety of different design techniques and elements including plywood, hand painted illustrations and glass manifestation.

In order to create standout 3D features, we created a variety of plywood elements throughout the design that cleverly create a flow to the office space. As well as a cut-out logo in the entrance area, we created a global map using dots to highlight the countries Parkopedia operates in, which can be updated as the company continues its global expansion.

We also created a timeline illustrating key milestones of the business that include hand-drawn illustrations on plywood plaques.

We kept the theme of the dots from the global map on the glass manifestation that illustrates the key cities central to the Parkopedia:
Detroit (the home of the motor car), London (where the company has its main home) and San Francisco where the founder of the company came up with the original idea. This design flows across the office on various materials- plywood, walls, glass and even the doors!

When looking out of the windows you get the feeling you are looking out into the those cities.  We also created the design so that every meeting room represents a different city; it’s this kind of attention to detail that we pride ourselves on.

We finished the look by hand-painting graphics in Parkopedia brand colours to keep the office bright and fresh and created bespoke planters to house plants throughout the office.