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Office Art Installations

Imagine the impact your own custom-designed 3D installation could have on your customers and team. A bespoke installation can add real wow factor and bring excitement and individuality to a space. 

Pieces we’ve created for our clients include custom built phone booths for Yell, a unique art piece of a client’s logo made out of computer keys, an inventive employee wall of recognition and a replica of a 1970’s computer complete with flashing lights for an IT company. Each installation is completely unique, totally on brand and highly memorable for all who come into contact with them.

Whatever your idea or ambition, our team can help make this a reality. You may have important company heritage items that you’d like to incorporate into your office design in a creative way or want to create moveable partition walls to provide greater flexibility for team working. 

We bring a stack of creativity to each project as well as the practicalities needed to create 2D and 3D art installations. We provide a full design, production and installation service, taking care of every detail. So whatever your idea, give us a call, we’d love to have a chat to explore how we could create something truly unique for your business.