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Graffiti Art

Graffiti is at the very foundation of Soulful Creative. It’s the form of art expression that many of our artists started out with as young teens and continue to use to the present day.

We are truly experts in this field and use a variety of styles, types and techniques to create unique and show-stopping pieces.  Using mostly spray paint we bring life to a wall or space.  We plan, design and execute designs to a highly professional standard. 

In recent years, businesses and brands have recognised the impact of this art form and have turned to graffiti as a way of visually expressing their company values and brand style.  It’s a great way to make a strong visual statement.  

We work closely with you to manifest any ideas you have to sprinkle some Soulful magic on your idea!

Scale is no issue for us, we love a large blank canvas! Our team of artists are very experienced working with interior and exterior walls and spaces by creating murals, art pieces and so much more.

Murals and Feature Walls

Murals and feature walls are a fantastic way to add interest to a space. Whether you want image or text-based detail, our designers are on hand to realise your imagination.

Pop up Shops and Events

Pop-up shops and events are a fantastic way for new and established brands to showcase their services. We work together with you to transform your temporary space to help communicate your brand and bring attention and customers your way!

Brand Launches

If you have a new brand or new collection you’d like to promote then speak to us for ways we can help create a bold backdrop to help you celebrate.

Live Events and Festivals

We have been commissioned to create graffiti for many Live Events such as Wireless Festival to bring an eye-catching and entertaining element to their events as a form of customer engagement.


We’ve worked with many restaurants such as Wahaca, Cattle Grid, MyLahore and more to create a vibrant brand as well as a casual atmosphere to enjoy a meal.

Graffiti feature walls are a great way to make your restaurant instagrammable. They help you interact with your customers as they provide a great backdrop for Instagram photos.

Trade Shows

The use of graffiti at a trade show is a wonderful way to bring attention to your event/stand. It provides a talking point and is a great visual tool to easily convey your brand values.

Whether you are creating a corporate event or pop-up, we are here to work with you, your ideas and brand colours to create the look and feel you desire.

So, whether you’re interested in a complete transformation or a bold feature wall, have a chat with us.

Graffiti puts the soul into Soulful Creative.