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Office Surface Graphics

Working with a wide range of graphic media techniques enables us to bring a variety of finishes and fabrics into a space creating texture and interest. Imagine bespoke wallpaper, company logos CNC cut into wood or vinyl floor graphics that add synergy to hand-painted wall murals. We’re able to print our designs pretty much onto any surface.

We’re passionate about bringing your vision to life, and creating something completely unique for each client we work with. Our understanding of space and our branding expertise ensures that each design works completely in harmony with your office or restaurant. And, our knowledge of print production means the very highest quality of colour and finish are always delivered.

To create maximum impact and a unique look and feel, we often combine digital graphics with hand-painted elements and glass manifestations. Previous projects have included:

  • Victorian inspired digital wallpaper and illuminated ceiling panels to sit alongside graffiti influenced murals for a restaurant refresh.
  • Company values printed onto an office partition wall together with coloured glass manifestations to bring a global consultancy’s brand to life.

Alternatively graphics can be used very effectively alone. They are particularly useful where walls and floors need to be decorated quickly or disruption minimised, such as in a hospice or hospital. Scratch resistance and the use of UV ink make them particularly hard wearing, great for high volume areas. Take a look at the very special project we did for Rainbow’s Children’s Hospice to see what can be achieved.