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Signage is an area that is under-exploited by so many businesses. Even the word seems to conjure up images of a logo plaque on a door or a poorly printed shop sign. But it really doesn’t need to be like that. With a bit of imagination and a heap of creativity, signage itself can be beautiful and artistic, enhancing the overall look and feel of a space.

Yes, on a purely practical level signage aids navigation and orientation, welcoming new customers and helping people find their way around your building. Done well, it’s about so much more. It can bring branding and energy to a space, like the hand-painted UV signs we did for Sway Bar, or help foster a friendly bright atmosphere in a school whilst helping children find their next class, as with the work we did at Bourne Academy.

When we design any project we always look at how signage can be incorporated effectively into the space. Working with hand-crafted and digital techniques there are so many options available to create something both unique and effective. From a company logo hand-painted or custom cut into wood, to branded light boxes installed in reception, to fun visuals for the office loos. As always, we’ll find the solution that’s right for your business.